Game Rules

By playing Hunter Noctalis, you agree to follow the rules outlined below:
  1. Be respectful of others. Even though players in the game battle with other players, you must keep both private and public communication within the game civil. This includes private messages, posts to others' profiles, posts in the forum, etc.
  2. Do not use or discuss tools, scripts, or techniques that automate processes in the game.
  3. Do not attempt to hack the game or server. If you find an exploit, report it to support.
  4. You may have secondary accounts if and only if you have intent to play on them. However, secondary accounts may not list anyone, including yourself, as the referrer for referral rewards. Secondary accounts may also not be created with the intent of improving another account of yours, or anyone else’s. Any accounts made in violation of these rules and stipulations will result in ALL of your accounts being banned.
  5. Do not send spam to other players, either by private message or profile posts.
  6. Do not post or use racism or sexually explicit content (full nudity).
  7. Accounts and other forums or in-game virtual property cannot be sold outside of any mechanisms that may be available within the game.
  8. Accounts that remain inactive for more than 3 months may be subject to removal.
  9. Game credits and premium membership purchases are final. Being virtual goods, refunds are not available.
These rules are subject to change at any time.


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